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Garage Services

We are [email protected]’s –  We do more than tyres!

Our team of experienced people offer a lot more than tyre services, we provide a full range of garage services to a highly professional standard using top quality original equipment or replacement parts we have the technology, equipment and skills to keep your car or van in prime condition and safe to use.

Brake Services

Don’t Let your brakes fail

Brakes save lives – lack of brakes can kill!

Brakes our specialty from Unipart / Pagid & Delphi fixed by expert technicians




Power steering servicing repair is a service you can get here at [email protected]’s.  Steering parts wear and tear, power steering fluid requires maintaining as well as numerous seals and rubber parts that can crack or split.  get yours checked today.


Car & Van Batteries

Get the right battery for your vehicle,  make sure it won’t let you down, knowing the loads your car requires to start means you can get a battery that will last a lifetime!,  why pick up the wrong battery from the shelf in a superstore and guess whether it is right or not,  let us supply fit and test the right one to keep you fully charged!


Engine tuning and diagnostics

Using the latest equipment we can ensure your engine is running as it should providing the best performance and economy available from your engine.

 Other services

Don’t forget we also provide a range of other services from the smallest bulb replacement job to a full service of your super car.

Give the team a call 01895 638740 or mobile 07836 577766 or you can E mail us at [email protected]