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About Us

We are [email protected]’s

We have been providing a specialist tyre and fast fit service since 1981, although a small family run business we excel not just because of our customer service but also our huge skill base and years of experience.

great service check markWhy choose us?

  • Customer Service:  Looking after you and your vehicle.
  • Specialist Service: We are specialists, It’s what we do!
  • Experience:  From race teams to work vans we have done it all
  • Service levels:  Attention to detail guaranteed – whatever your vehicle.

Customer service:

We are completely customer focused, not only do we only do we have the ability to take care of your car or van and ensure it is as safe as possible where it matters, we value our customers and go the extra mile to make you happy.  When you call you will talk to a qualified technician who can understand and advise you on your requirements.

We are specialists.

We have a huge amount of experience and skills in the tyre, wheel and fast fit market.  We know our stuff, we really understand the modern car and van and know how to ensure you get the best out of your vehicle whether for increased performance, efficiency or safety.

Technology has evolved in all cars with anti-lock brakes and traction control systems no longer being the preserve of high end cars, our abilities to diagnose and repair these complicated faults have also evolved ensuring the correct fitting, pressures and types of tyres for your car.


Whether you have a small family car, a works van or a high performance sports car we have the tools and the people to enhance your vehicle where the rubber meets the road.  Having spent years providing track side support  and circuit testing with cars from Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini  as well as providing tyre and services to Hartge BMW Tuning (, Colin Clarke Lamborghini (, Lamborghini in the UK and many more.

speciialist tyre fitting service signService levels:

We know how to take care of your car no matter what make and model it is.  Our attention to detail ensures that no matter what you come in for you get the best possible service with all wheel nuts tightened by hand to the correct torque and using original fitting equipment as prescribed by manufacturers so there is no danger  of damage to your valuable alloys.

Give the team a call 07836 577766 or you can E mail us at [email protected],